The 20 Sexiest GIFs Ever of Bombshell Model Iskra Lawrence

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Bodacious bombshell Iskra Lawrence isn’t just one of the hottest and most famous plus-size models in the industry – she’s also the curvy queen of body positivity, and she’s proud AF of her smokin’ hot bod. 

🌻Just like flowers all of us our unique and beautiful in our own way. I believe in loving my body and nourishing it to help it grow and blossom.🌸 That’s why I created @everyBODYwithiskra my program + app. Because health and fitness is not a set regiment, a restrictive diet or a dramatic before and after picture. Health is so much deeper. Wanting to look after yourself should always be encouraged. But so should loving yourself right now and in every step of your journey. I want to hold your hand and gently guide you so you can learn about fitness to move your body and build strength, stretching to prevent injury and increase mobility, meditation and sleep exercises to help with stress and anxiety and videos so you can feel like you’re not alone and formulate your own opinions on what health and happiness mean to you. It’s YOUR body, it’s your choice. Are you looking after it and investing in it? If you’d like to find out more and you can even take a 7days free trial click the link in my bio❤️⬆️ Thank you for all the incredible reviews and testimonials of this can even just help one person it’s worth it and the fact so many of you have said it’s been life changing in only a couple of weeks that means the world to me and team spark #everyBODYwithiskra ✨ And S/o to my girl @nataliegage_ for the pics💕👊✨

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As the creator of a healthy body positivity program called everyBODY with Iskra, the British model is known for her outspokenness on embracing everything your mama gave you and learning to love your body, and regularly posts ultra-hot unedited photos to shut down the haters who sadly don’t appreciate her mind-blowing curves, and to show her 4 million Instagram followers just how much she loves her body. 

Please anyone who reads the comments on my pics don’t let it ever stop you from sharing your thoughts. We are all human, I’m not perfect but you’re following me and my page. I could easily just post pics like this every single day. They get me the most likes, the most follows and the least controversy. But that’s not all I feel and believe. Sometimes I’m passionate sometimes I’m confused sometimes i just want to share exactly what I’m feeling in that present moment. I don’t have social media management i don’t plan my posts to make my feed look “good” and as u know i won’t spend time out of my day photoshopping myself in the pics i take because; I know perfect doesn’t exist, I don’t want to create insecurities for myself about my body irl, and i got friends to chill wit and food to eat👀 (There’s nothing wrong with using social media differently – but that just isn’t me) I’ll always be real with you and sometimes that’s controversial, sometimes I will be wrong and sometimes I may piss you off. But i believe in being true to myself and I encourage you all to do you too. Never be scared to show vulnerability, share your story, or your beliefs. I refuse to switch my comments off even when they make me angry or disappointed because I want to learn…each of our human experiences are different so conversing is vital to pushing forward and having empathy for one another. So thank you to those who support me for being me you my real ones ILYSM and sending love to everyone who puts themselves out there I see you❤️

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“I know perfect doesn’t exist, I don’t want to create insecurities for myself about my body irl, and I got friends to chill wit and food to eat👀” she declares in the caption. Amen, girl. Amen.

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And so, let us celebrate Iskra’s unapologetic hotness with 20 of her sexiest, most tantalizing GIFS, compiled here for your enjoyment. 

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