The Sexy Australian Prank Squad Members Might Get Their Own TV Show, And We’re 100% Here for It

These devious divas spilled on their dirty motives in a recent interview.

The vicious vixens of the Australian prank squad dubbed “Eighty83three” have built a sizable following on social media by posting videos of their hilarious shenanigans, such as the “pussy slap.”

Technically, their squad is now a trio consisting of Isabelle, Jadeey and Amanda. All great things come in threes, right? (Just ask God.)

Speaking to, the enterprising babes revealed their desire to take Eighty83three to the next level. 

“We hope to be one of the biggest social media entertainers in the world,” Isabelle and Jadeey said. “We have our clothing brand coming out soon and who knows … maybe a reality show.”

It seems plausible, as their savage stunts have racked up millions of views in total.

In their newest video, Jadey and Isabelle “welcome” Amanda to their new house with everything from the classic “de-pants” prank to surprise paint party in the bath tub. This really would make for some great television. 

Image: YouTube/eighty83three
Image: YouTube/eighty83three

The titillating trio recently re-vamped their Instagram page to include only the sexiest stuff. The only complaint we have is there aren’t more shots like these:

h/t: FHM