Cristiano Ronaldo's Favorite Weather Girl Sol Perez Keeps Blowing Everyone's Minds on Instagram

Getting hot as hell around here.

Move to Mexico or Argentina for the balmy weather. Stay for the weather girls. We already know we'd love to wake up in Monterrey every day to Yanet Garcia giving temperature forecasts. But Argentina has Sol Perez, whose first name means "sun."

That's perfectly appropriate if you take a look at Sol's Instagram presence—which, yes, definitely got the attention of soccer star and playboy Cristiano Ronaldo. Not only is she stunning, she's also feisty, as the English caption for the photo below demonstrates.

Just try and imagine Al Roker saying that to the adoring public who watch him on Today. While clad in the same outfit. 

Just kidding! And sorry for the nightmares.

Sol Perez is definitely taking the world by storm. She's now rocking a healthy 1.8 million Instagram followers—and our world. More examples as to why below.

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