Meet the Final Three 2018 SI Swimsuit Issue Rookies

They’re part of the most diverse assortment of ladies yet.


Sports Illustrated has announced its final three rookies, all of whom will be featured in the 2018 Swimsuit Issue.

The 12 total rookies have been the publication’s most diverse assortment of ladies yet, and the final three bares this out.

Olivia Culpo is arguably the most recognizable face. She was crowned Miss Universe in 2012 and has remained a prominent model since.

Hunter McGrady was featured in the 2017 issue covered in body paint and was the first size 16 to ever grace the sports mag’s pages.

Ebonee Davis meanwhile is best known for her powerful TED Talk about race in the fashion industry.

Each are downright thrilled with their achievements, and so are we. Here, the final three Sports Illustrated Rookies of the Year:

Olivia Culpo, 25

Hunter McGrady, 24

Ebonee Davis, 24

h/t Daily Mail