Stacey Hannant

Check out the hot model’s even hotter new app!

As you can see from our shoot, Northern beauty Stacey Hannant is clearly someone you’d want to spend some time with. But she doesn’t just hang around exotic locations in her bikini – oh no! She also stars in her very own app, PlayBabe.

Available for just £1.50, it works like an old-school Tamagotchi, only instead of trying to appease some dodgy-looking digital puppy, the goal is to impress Stacey by keeping her happy and healthy. Get a little too frisky or shower her with too many gifts, and you’ll get your arse sacked quicker than a Blackburn manager. Get the balance right and Stacey will reward you with kisses, slip into a skimpy bikini, and even let you give her a massage – via the touchscreen, of course. Keep the blonde bombshell sweet for long enough and you’ll earn enough points to have her treat you to a naughty dance clad only in her favourite underwear. Sure, it’s no Far Cry 3, but it’ll certainly brighten up your day.