Watch This French Instagram Hottie Carve a Wave While Drinking Wine, Wipe Out, And Save the Bottle

Most impressive.

Surf and Drink
Image: Instagram/@aureliaprovence

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There are plenty of smokeshow surfers out there, but have you ever seen one carve a wave while swilling a bottle of wine? 

French babe Aurelia Provence pulled off the impressive feat of  chugging vino as she maneuvers through a motorboat’s wake in the above video. 

Even when she eats it—the effects of booze on one’s ability to balance makes this an inevitability—she saves her beloved beverage from ruination. 

Most of the time, Provence doesn’t crash. Just watch her clamp seashells to her cleavage while showing off her surfing skills in a separate, but equally impressive, clip.

In or out of the water, she’s a sight to behold. Check out her hottest ‘grams below:

h/t: Digg