This Train Conductor Was Fired For Posting Seriously Steamy Pics on Instagram

She could punch our ticket anytime.
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The last time you took a train, chances are the man or woman who checked your ticket was somewhere between 20 and 40 and maybe just average-looking. Regular folks. 

If your conductor had looked like ex Canadian train conductor Stephanie Katelnikoff, you would've noticed. She's got curves and charisma to match, and her Instagram makes that pretty clear. Which was the problem, according to Canada's CP Rail.  

The CBC reports that Katelnikoff was fired in November 2017 for allegedly "violating CP Rail's code of ethics and its internet and email policy."

Katelnikoff believes her nude and scantily-clad posts to Instagram and Facebook—which also showed her on railroad tracks—in addition to some things she's said online about her employer played a role in her firing. 

In the CBC report Katelnikoff made it clear she loves her job, saying it was "my [favorite] job I've ever had." 

She's now awaiting arbitration to see if she'll be able to go back to work. 

Stephanie Katelnikoff's Instagram doesn't violate anything, as far as we're concerned, though it does steer close to the social site's oddball rules regarding nudity. Check out some select shots below.

CP Rail could rehire her to melt snow off the tracks.