Two Supermodels May or May Not Have Fought Each Other

The internets are alive with rumors of a supermodel catfight for the ages (that probably didn’t happen).

We choose to ignore most tabloid rumors. But when the rumor involves two high-profile supermodels allegedly beating each other up over Rihanna, we’re suddenly as invested as we are in the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight. According to Page Six, models Naomi Campbell and Cara Delevigne allegedly got into a tussle at Paris Fashion Week because Campbell thought that Delevigne said something disparaging about Rihanna. (Reasonable – we get mad when we hear someone insulting Rih Rih too.) Witnesses said that “Naomi was angrily shouting at Cara, and the pair began pushing and shoving each other” and that “Cara pulled Naomi’s weave, but it didn’t come off.”

Campbell, for her part, has denied the rumors on Twitter.

Tweet or no, Campbell’s reputation isn’t exactly squeaky clean. In 2000, she pled guilty to assaulting her personal assistant, then in 2007, she assaulted her former housekeeper, her former friend, and another former assistant. (In three of those cases, her weapon of choice was her mobile phone. How resourceful.) Her required anger management classes apparently didn’t pay off, because in 2008 she spat at two police officers in Heathrow Airport following an argument about her lost luggage. Finally, in 2015 she stepped out hand-in-hand with Justin Bieber during New York Fashion Week – an egregious offense in and of itself. 

Photos by Joel Ryan/Invision/AP