Watch Stella Maxwell Groove to Old-School Prince in this Sexy Clip

See the former Maxim cover girl take on 'I Wanna be Your Lover.'
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On the 18th day of Christmas, Love's Advent Calendar gave us Stella Maxwell in a damn gold one-piece. Maxim's number 1 out of the Top 100 for 2016 doesn't have to do a lot in this video to hold us transfixed. 

It's barely a minute long, but Hype Williams managed to capture the essence of Stella: her magnificent long legs, her Bardot-like beauty, and most of all, her abundance of effortless charisma. That's the thing — with Stella, you don't really need to add a lot, as her natural gifts shine through.

All the Love videos have been entertaining, but this one in particular feels like gold-wrapped present under the tree on Christmas morning. 

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