Mexico's Hottest Weather Girl Yanet Garcia Shocked Instagram With Stunning Pics of Her Body Transformation

These are amazing.
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Mexico's most stunning weather girl—which is one hell of a title given so many of them are hot—is in a transition. At least it looks that way.

Friday she tweeted something cryptic about everything happening for a reason, and boyfriend Doug Martin tweeted about heartbreak. Huh.

Look, this could be about anything. A death in the family, the death of a beloved pet, or yeah, the end of a relationship. Who knows? After all, she and Martin had just uploaded a typically lighthearted video the day before

Things have been good for Yanet, too. Most recently, she illustrated how she's transformed in the last seven years from a conventionally slender model look to the curvy, fit weather goddess she is today. Others have noticed as well.

That really is astounding. As Yanet's gym photos demonstrate, it's been a hard road, filled with intense workouts

Obviously it's been worth the trouble. 

No one knows yet if Yanet Garcia is a free agent and headed back to the dating game or not. 

Regardless of her status, let's celebrate her transformation with some pics from her incredible Instagram.