Scientists and Porn Stars Reveal the Truth Behind Female Ejaculation

What does it mean when she squirts?



If you think the highest form of compliment in the boudoir is a woman having an orgasm for you, let me be the one to tell you there’s one accolade even greater: Squirting. It only happens when you do something very, very right. 

Squirting, more scientifically known as female ejaculation, is the “expulsion of liquid from the genito-urinary tract in women during sexual activity,” and more often than not, it happens during orgasm.

But surely you’ve heard the rumor that when women squirt, they actually just pee a little, right? Yeah…it’s basically the enigma of the century at this point, and nobody knows if squirt is pee, or if it’s something entirely its own.

Knowing the debate over squirt is very real, Woodrocket took the opportunity to ask some of your favorite porn stars to weigh in on what they think squirting is, because who would know better than them?

“Squirt tastes like sugar water,” says porn star Jenna J. Ross, adamant that there’s a solid difference between the two. “There’s a very distinctive flavor profile difference between urine and squirt.”

Trinity St. Clair, however, begs to differ. “Squirt is pee! That is too much liquid for your body. No, no. Squirt is pee,” she declares. 

So…what’s the truth about squirting? What is it, really? Is it an unintentional golden shower, or is it something else? Since we couldn’t get a definite answer from porn stars, let’s turn our attention to science, because scientific research tends to resolve everything. 

According to a French study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, it’s suggested that yes, squirt is pee — at least partly.

For the study, researchers recruited seven women who reported “massive fluid emission during sexual stimulation,” and gave them a series of three ultrasounds. First, the women were asked to use the bathroom to see how their bladders looked when totally empty, and then, they were asked to get themselves super aroused, and once they were, another ultrasound showed that their bladders had filled back up. 

Lastly, the participants were asked to orgasm, and one last ultrasound revealed that their bladders were empty once again, proving squirt is basically piss.

However, the researchers analyzed the squirt, and found that there were small amounts of “prostatic secretions,” meaning squirting is a killer combo of pee and other non-urine fluids. “Our results lead us to conclude that squirting and the so-called ‘female ejaculation’ essentially are two distinct events,” the authors conclude.

Furthermore, according to Dr. Zhana Vrangalova, a NYC-based sex researcher and professor at NYU, there seem to be two types of female ejaculation: The first is a small amount of white, milky fluid that comes from the Skene’s glands, a.k.a. the female equivalent of the prostate. But interestingly, it’s believed that only about half of women have these glands, so not all women can have this type of female ejaculation. 

The second kind of squirting is the gushing type that you see in porn, and it’s usually a clear and odorless fluid that comes from and passes through the bladder, essentially meaning we can call it pee. 

Now, if you’re super grossed out that by the fact that some female ejaculate is technically pee and you and never want to make a woman squirt ever again, let me ease your mind by informing you that it’s super diluted, and not a huge deal in the gran scheme of things.“It’s not like you’re peeing on somebody—it’s very diluted urine,” says Dr. Debby Herbenick, a researcher at Indiana University. 

Besides, did you know that your cum has pee in it too? Yup. “In both cases, the fluid comes through the urethra—only in women, it rests briefly in the bladder first,” Herbenick says. “In the end, we all just have to become comfortable with the fact that sex involves the genitals and the genitals are down there. It’s a big, messy thing—but it’s worth it!”

So there you have it. Squirt is sometimes pee, sometimes not. Case closed.