Here's Why Mexico's Hottest Weather Girl Yanet Garcia Has 8 Million Fans on Instagram

Thank us later.

There's not really any hidden mystery as to why Yanet Garcia—the weather girl for La Noticias on Televisas Monterrey—has over 8 million Instagram followers. There's no mystery about her internet celebrity, either.

Just look at her. She's enough to make you want to pick up and move to Monterrey just to watch the weather every day.

It's a cliche to say so, but Garcia isn't just another pretty face. In the Spanish caption for the moody Insta above, she writes about relationships, saying in part that a "beautiful woman is not the youngest, nor the skinniest, nor the one with the smoothest complexion or the most striking hair, she is the one who with a frank and open smile ... can make your life happy." 

When she hit the 6 million follower milestone on Instagram, Garcia gifted fans with a selfie for the ages. 

We're longtime fans ourselves. You can check out several more reasons why below.