Mexico’s Hottest Weather Girl Yanet Garcia Just Dropped Must-Watch Workout Videos

Here’s how she keeps that magnificent booty in perfect shape.

Yanet Garcia Promo
Left: YouTube

Mexico’s hottest weather girl has once again blessed us with outrageously sexy Instagram posts. And this time, they’re videos.

Yanet Garcia shows just how serious she is about keeping her bodacious backside in-shape as she squats while lifting a medicine ball and working against a resistance band.

She also exhibited perfect form while executing these single leg lifts. It’s more of a core exercise, but who’s complaining?

Like her commitment to maintaining a bombshell body, Garcia’s drive to advance her career is unrelenting. The 27-year-old was recently promoted from weather presenter to host of daily Mexican television program Hoy.

As she explained in an interview with El Debate, the new gig required her to uproot her life in the States and move back to her home country. 

“I left everything in New York to come here,” Garcia explained. “On a professional level I think it was a very good decision, obviously it hurt my family in Monterrey.”

Though it came at a cost, we’re happy the gorgeous news anchor-turned-social media star is making moves.

Celebrate Garcia’s success with a 12-minute montage of her hottest TV moments above and sexiest recent ‘grams below: