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Maxim's Best Bits [5/13-5/17]


It's Friday, which means we're wading through our own sea of bullshit so you don't have to. Here are some of our top posts from the week of May 13 - 17.


Photographed for Maxim by Nino Munoz | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2013


Girls and Sunsets
It’s two of the world’s most beautiful naturally occurring wonders.

Hot Damn, it's Heather Graham!
The Hangover 3 star graces the cover of our June issue, and she's looking better than ever. Go get the issue, on stands now!

Celebs, Gorgeous Women, and Athletes Come Out to Celebrate Maxim's Hot 100 List
Miley Cyrus, Arianny Celeste, Ronda Rousey, Craig Robinson, and many more turned out for Maxim's biggest bash of the year. Sadly, Manti Te'o's fake girlfriend was nowhere to be found. Check out the party pics.

Stephen Colbert Declares War on Maxim
Last year, we named Stephen Colbert the world’s 69th most beautiful woman. This year, we didn’t. Watch him get all fired up about it in his “Who’s Not Honoring Me Now?” segment from Monday night’s Colbert Report.

7 Felonies You’ve Probably Committed in Your Lifetime
Are you going to prison for posting from someone else’s Facebook account? Probably not. But maybe!

Meet Maxim’s New Editor-in-Chief: Kevin From The Office
Dunder Mifflin is no more, and now Kevin needs a new job. He doesn’t seem to know very much about publishing, but he does really like boobies, so this just might work out.

Armed and Fabulous: 6 Weapons for the Lady in Your Life
If you like it, put a ring on it. If you really like it, make sure it’s encased with weaponized cubic zirconia.

America’s Sexiest Town Names

Welcome to sunny New Erection, Virginia. Elevation: 427 meters. Except when it's cold out, and then it's a lot shorter. Zing!

How to Handle a Moose (That's in Love With You)
Horny moose: It's an epidemic.* Read our guide to dealing with the problem, or your next camping trip could turn into a gruesome and traumatizing affair. With a moose.

*Not an epidemic.


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