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Striving For a Food Coma In Brazil

Spoiler alert: Success. This spring, Maxim headed down to São Paulo on a mission to eat EVERYTHING. Check out all the sweet, salty, boozy, and porky glorification right here.

The only thing more awesome than the art scene in Brazil is all the delicious grub. I'm still recovering from this culinary excursion (and so are my pants). I love you, Brazil! Oh and, I love you too, food!

DAY ONE. Lunch at A Figueira Rubaiyat

Feijoada. That's Portuguese for effing delicious peasant food! Poor people used to cook up the remains of the pork that no one else wanted--tongues, tails, knuckles, etc. However, it was so darn tasty that they now serve it in high-end restaurants in a steaming cauldron buffet. 

Roasted figs. Firstly, I was a little embarrassed that I wasn't sure what fruit this was at first. This was very sticky and super gelatinous. If you have a hard time feeling the sugariness of fruit alone, then this is for you. 

That's pork tongue, tail, and knuckle. The meatiest was the tongue. I could probably eat it on a regular basis. I never thought I was squeamish about food until I spotted the bristly pork hairs coming out of the pork knuckle. Shit got a little too real at that point and I moved on to dessert...

Dulce de leche. It helped slide the pork hairs right down the hatch! Brazilians seem to love caramel flavors, which is something I fully support. This was a lot like flan, but definitely sweeter. 

A caipirinha made with Hennessy. Think of caipirinhas as mojitos with a crap-ton of limes instead of mint leaves. They're surprisingly not that sour nor too sweet. With the Hennessy, they had a nice, strong kick. After a couple of these, you could challenge me to eat all the bristly pork haired knuckles!