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Striving For a Food Coma In Brazil


Dinner at D.O.M.

Another Caipirinha made with Hennessy. This one was my favorite, though. Perfectly sour and beautiful. It went down pretty fast. Fun fact: spherical ice dilutes the drink less than cubes. 

Edible flowers, y'all! This crunchy, grainy fish dish was served to me because I couldn't eat the planned scallops (Allergies suck, y'all!). It was deliciously fried, bread-crumby, and fishy without actually having any pieces of fish in it. How do they do it?

Black rice, broccolini, and great graphic design. I'm pretty sure this dish was designed to move along the rest of the meal during digestion. 

Red snapper on top of a bed of mushrooms. This is the best thing I ever ate in my whole life; I'm pretty sure when I first bit into it, I blacked out and had the same moment that Roy Martin has when he eats the magic 'shrooms on A Very Brady Sequel.  The skin on this fish was not only candy for my eyes, but for my mouth too. In fact, if I had to choose between eating candy ever again or getting to have this once a year for the rest of my life, I'd say "Smell ya latah, canday!" 

The sauce on this fish had a watery consistency, which was nice, because you didn't have to feel like you had to dip it nor did the sauce take over the taste of the fish. It was just like a wading pool that complimented the food perfectly. The soft texture of the 'shrooms went great with the crispy skin of the fish. 

Spare rib with potatoes in a Malbec foam. Think of it as barbecued ribs and fries for the super fancy. These taters were moist and sticky (in a good way), yet still so crispy and crunchy, kind of like French's Potato Sticks, but much more flavorful. The meat on this rib came right off the bone and then had a rockin' time in my mouth. 

Crazy potato-cheese! This is a very much upgraded cheesy potatoes, the way they made them in school cafeterias. It looks like hot pizza dough, but it tastes like Heaven, it's the perfect consistency for cheese. Check out how they serve it. 

Arugula, whiskey ice cream, cake, and chocolate sauce. Those are curry flakes and salt all over the plate. SO. MANY. FLAVORS. HAPPENING. RIGHT. NOW. The ice cream was reeeeeally strong. I've heard of people eating ice cream with moon shine. I'm guessing it would taste something like this, except that this ice cream definitely tasted like a brown, aged whiskey. The arugula, or "rocket" lettuce, added a nice peppery taste and the curry and salt ensured that the chocolate sauce and cake would not sweeten the deal too much. All in all, the flavors work really well together. 

Fan girl shot with Chef Alex Atala. Geeked out big time after seeing him on Anthony Bourdain: The Layover. See the clip below. 

Special thanks to Hennessy. 

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