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Helpful Hottie: Jaquline

2013 Hometown Hotties finalist Jaquline Fischer is now taking your questions. 

Are girls cool with dating vegetarian guys?
—Alan Wagner
I think it's awkward if a girl orders a steak and her date gets the salad. I like beefy guys, and they don't survive on nuts and berries.
Should I tip my dog groomer?
—Nevid Andrews
I get my four dogs professionally groomed. I never tip, and the groomers don't seem to hate me...
Why do girls love dessert so much?
—Mitch Garfield
Because it's something decadent and, I think it reminds us of sex.
Why are some brands of water so expensive?
—Ted Novotny
Call me crazy, but I swear I can taste the difference. Dasani is crap, Fiji is overrated, and Evian is great—and expensive.
What are "meggings"?
—Zach Gold
They're leggings for men. I love leggings, but on men they can be a bit graphic.