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Helpful Hottie: Justine

2013 Hometown Hotties finalist Justine Davis is now taking your questions.

How can I tell my girlfriend she’s gained weight?
—Jake Hedley
Oh, boy, there’s no nice way to point that out. Try to be as gentle as you can and suggest working out or trying a nutritional program together.
What should I leave out of my online dating profile?
—Enrique Valade
Your address and phone number! There are plenty of female creepers out there—and they may try to find you.
Do gift cards ever work as birthday presents?
—Jeff Ullman
Definitely, especially because it’s so hard to shop for girls. For me a gift card for Victoria’s Secret is way better than some crappy gift I’m going to have to go exchange anyway.
Is there any cheese that doesn’t work for a grilled cheese sandwich?
—Austin Schlatter
I hate bleu cheese and think it would make a gross sandwich. It must be like eating melted mold, and that does not sound good.

Is it weird for guys to get manicures?
—Stu Beekman
I think it’s cute, because I like a guy who takes care of himself! As long as you don’t apply any nail polish, it’s all good.
How is gum made?
—Seth Clayson
I have no idea, but look it up and bring homemade gum to your next potluck.