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Helpful Hottie: Lindsey

Start the New Year right with a little help from 2012 Hometown Hotties finalist Lindsey Schendel.

What’s a reasonable New Year’s resolution?
Scott Timor
Say “yes” to new experiences. I steer clear of making any resolutions, personally.
Should I bother wishing my ex a happy birthday?
Nick Madi
If you have a current girlfriend, you don’t want to go there. Don’t text, don’t Facebook, don’t tweet, because all it’s going to do is create problems. But if you’re single and a little lonely, it can’t hurt to give her a call.
What ingredients are necessary for an awesome omelet?
Andy Krasinski
Multiple strips of crispy bacon.

What’s the best way to get rid of raccoons?
Ross Mallace
Just start throwing your trash into your neighbors’ cans; then the raccoons will be their problem.
Can a guy get away with using air freshener instead of cologne?
Richard Cohen
Sure, but you may be mistaken for a cabdriver. 

I might get a pet bird. Are girls into that?
Jason Seccomb
Not the kind of girls you’d want to sleep with. Birds are messy and loud; I can’t even imagine anyone who would be into that.
My hair’s starting to turn gray. Help!
Peter Jones
Embrace it! Chicks dig silver foxes.