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Helpful Hottie: Mayra

Our 2012 Hometown Hotties finalist Mayra Tinajero takes your questions!

Photo by Zoe McConnell

What music best sets the mood?
Jeff Glassman
I’m not into the cliché baby-making songs. Sex is supposed to be fun, so put on some house music.

How can I win over my girlfriend’s dad?
Eric Daniels
Try to arrange an outing that you know appeals to his interests. And always have manners!

Can I have a pet penguin?
Richard Baum

I feel like PETA would be pissed. That has to be illegal—although, maybe Eskimos are the exception.

I think about other girls during sex. Is that awful?
Greg Vacha

No, because let’s be real: Women think about other guys, too.

What the hell is in Spam?
Lars Oppenheimer

I think it’s lab-created meat flavored by sodium crystals and harvested in a hidden cave, but it tastes all right!

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