Drain A Three-Pointer

Knicks sharpshooter Steve Novak teaches you how to kill from behind the arc.

Knicks sharpshooter Steve Novak teaches you how to kill from behind the arc.

Forget Dunking

“To say I’m not the most athletic guy in the NBA is an understatement. I always understood what my limitations were and, as a result, they created my strengths. A lot of guys in the league have been so athletic their entire lives that they never committed themselves to learning to shoot three pointers, ’cause they could do so much around the rim. In my case it’s the exact opposite. I would literally shoot hundred and hundreds of three-pointers every day to teach myself to be efficient and effective at playing the sport I love.”

Keep It Simple, Stupid

“I’m more of a set shooter, which helps in the fourth quarter when you’re tired and it’s much harder to shoot a jump shot. So keep the footwork minimal: catch the ball, one, two, step in, and keep good balance so you can hold your follow-through. For me the biggest thing is to keep the shot to as little motion as possible so you can duplicate it over and over.”

Stay Aggressive

“Whenever a team puts a man on you and he’s literally told not to leave you, that’s the most difficult, ’cause at that point you still have to make all your cuts and be just as aggressive offensively, even knowing that basically you’re just trying to be a decoy for your team to get other guys to score.”

Ignore the Bench 

“The corners are definitely where I’m the biggest threat, but they can also be distracting on the road. Fans of the home team are yelling out at you or the guys on the bench will stomp their feet when you catch the ball or wave their towels. Certain teams definitely do that more than others, but I just think to myself, it’s still the same distance on every court, so if I stick with my consistent routine, I know it will go in.”

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