The Best April Fools Food Pranks

Hit ’em where it hurts: right in the tastebuds.

Hit ’em where it hurts: right in the tastebuds.

It’s April 1st and you’ve forgotten to come up with a clever trick to play on your friends yet again. Last year you just screamed “SURPRISE” and punched them in the face, but they’ll probably see that coming this year. Don’t fret, the dopes here at Maxim are mean-spirited enough for everyone. This year, hit your friends in the mouth in a whole new way. Inspired by the exploding cake above, here are the best ways to April Fools all over your victims’ palate.

–          Hollow out a Twinkie and fill it with toothpaste or mayonnaise. 

–          Hide a layer of sliced habanero chilis under the cheese of someone’s pizza. They won’t realize until it’s too late.

–          Dip onions in caramel and give them out as apples.

–          Make someone eat this and wash it down with this.

–          Powder some donuts with baby powder.

–          Replace a coke with fish sauce.

–          Put a clove of garlic in a hard candy wrapper. This works twice as well if your friend is a vampire.

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