Cruise Into Nautical History With This Benetti Coffee Table Book

A celebration of 150 years of the luxury boat brand.


Milestones worth celebrating, particularly 150 years of world-class design on the high seas, deserve to be commemorated in the most lavish way possible: Perhaps the latest book from luxury publisher Assouline, simply entitled Benetti, is up to the challenge, and a glance at its stellar design speaks to as much.


As the publisher notes, Benetti has carefully crafted more than four hundred of the world’s finest yachts, a history of “unparalleled expertise in nautical construction.”

It’s just the latest Assouline volume to take readers on a jaw-dropping journey of sorts, from spotlighting a French institution to showcasing esteemed Saudi Arabian wildlife.


And this volume promises no shortage of stunning delights on every page, including iconic moments and vessels across the company’s history (try David Bowie’s El Caran or “the world’s first luxury yacht,” the Delfino, for starters).


Boasting more than 200 illustrations across 290-plus pages, the volume showcases Benetti’s knack for “turning dreams into reality,” complete with expert commentary throughout from marine journalist Kevin Koenig.


There’s also a comprehensive look at what makes Benetti yachts tick, so to speak, including “the brand’s evolution, sustainability commitment, and Italian craftsmanship,” Assouline noted.

Behind-the-scenes content and rare photographs shape the narrative arc of the impressive volume, which is available online now at Assouline for $195.