The Donut Burger Wants To Kill You

With deliciousness. Kill you with deliciousness.

Here’s a fun fact: the population of the world is currently 17 million tons overweight. While some noble souls out there are looking for a solution (might we suggest this?), others are doing their level best to just keep on making things that look fun to shove into our dribbling mouths. Case in point: The Donut Burger.

This latest fat-stuffed innovation takes the donut burger back to where it belongs – no, not in Jillian Michaels’ nightmares, in your breakfast. Slater’s 50/50 in Anaheim, California unveiled the breakfast donut burger where two whole tasty glazed beauties are the buns in a burger consisting of a massive meat patty, cheese and a sunny side-up egg. And because it’s not quite unhealthy enough, it comes with a side of jam.

It’s yet another stomach-strangling addition to the “dare you to eat this?” cuisine tradition that’s emerged across the country as ballparks, diners and food trucks go out of their way to one-up each other (and the nation’s cholesterol levels). So what can we expect from eating too many of these? Well, put it this way – the earliest known donut burger goes back to 2005, to a Georgia eatery that created the “Luther burger“, a Krispy Kreme donut burger named after singer/songwriter Luther Vandross’s favorite snack. The point being, that might explain why he’s now “the late Luther Vandross”.

Different variations popped up all across the country soon after, such as the 1,500 calorie Big Kahuna Donut Burger at the New York State Fair that came fully dressed with bacon, and a high cuisine version in Las Vegas that turned the treat into a dessert called the Chocolate Burger, featuring a donut with a patty made from Nutella mousse. And after eating all that, who said America won’t be able to produce enough domestic gas?

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