Emily Ratajkowski Criticizes Megan Fox’s ‘This is 40’ Role: ‘That Movie Is Not Aging Well’

EmRata says Fox’s character was “treated so badly” in the 2012 comedy.


Emily Ratajkowski is not a fan of how Megan Fox was sexualized in the Judd Apatow-directed This Is 40. In the 2012 comedy, Fox plays Desi, a boutique saleswoman who (allegedly) works as a high-end escort on the side. 

In one memorable scene, Fox’s boss, played by Leslie Mann, compliments Desi’s lingerie-clad body, asks if her breasts are “real,” and fondles her chest during a lingering close-up.

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“So that movie is hilarious and very spot-on,” Ratajkowski said in a conversation with comedian Amy Schumer at the Tribeca Film Festival.

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“I recommend everybody who has a husband or wife and kids to watch it [but] Megan Fox is treated in it so badly.”

According to Us Weekly, Schumer then asked Ratajkowski how This is 40 has held up over the years. 

“That movie is not aging well,” the 30-year-old model and actress replied. 

Schumer, who wrote and starred in Apatow’s 2015 movie Trainwreck, (jokingly?) replied, “It’s Judd Apatow. I don’t care, I’m ready to burn that bridge to the ground tonight.”

Fox, who has recently made headlines courtesy of her daring outfits while out on the town with boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly, has previously opened up about her struggles with being objectified during her Hollywood career. 

“I feel like I was sort of out and in front of the #MeToo movement before the #MeToo movement happened, I was speaking out and saying, ‘Hey, these things are happening to me and they’re not OK,’” Fox told Diablo Cody in a 2019 Entertainment Tonight interview. 

“And everyone was like, ‘Oh well, fuck you. We don’t care, you deserve it.’ Because everybody talked about how you looked or how you dressed or the jokes you made.”

To revisit Fox’s controversial This is 40 scene, check out the YouTube clip above.