This Brilliant Mocumentary Perfectly Parodies Every Species of Gym-Goer

It’s a jungle in there.


Do you go to the gym? Have you ever gone to the gym, if only for a second? Is your name Jim?

If you answered yes to two out of three of those questions, then you’ll almost certainly find some version of the insane gym rats you encounter during your workout in this hilarious docu-parody “Gym Wildlife” from the dudes at Buff Dudes. The colorful peacocks, the bashful newbies, the screaming pec monsters—they’re all here. It’s like Planet Earth with freeweights.

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The only people safe from the scorn of the David Attenborough-esque narrator are those of us who’ve never set foot in a gym. For once, the frail and pudgy get to laugh at the strong and trim, if only for a few minutes.