Grumpy Monk

No one could be grumpy after a few sips of this!

No one could be grumpy after a few sips of this! 

Brand: Grumpy Monk 

Feeling a bit grumpy today?


Cheer up!


Fine. But you’re not going to rain on our parade. The week’s almost over and we have the crisp, hoppy taste of Samuel Adams’ Grumpy Monk in our mouths. 

Still not impressed?

Then, we’ll tell you more. This stuff has an ABV of 6.5%, so you start feeling it pretty rapidly. It’s made in the USA, but it has these cool hipstery labels on it, so people will think you bought it at an obscure beer store… in Europe or something. And with hop varieties including Cascade and Saaz and malts like Bohemian Pils and honey, this brew does a great job at balancing out spicier foods such as Thai cuisine and different curries. 

Any interest now? 


Thought so. Happy Thursday!

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