‘Grand Theft Auto’ Is Opening an Online Casino, And You Can Watch The Teaser Trailer Here

Place your bets inside GTA’s gambling mecca for gamers.

Grand Theft Auto Online is opening a virtual casino next week, and the first teaser trailer has arrived.

Major updates over the years have kept GTA’s huge player base coming back to steal cars, pull off spectacular heists and pop bottles in nightclubs. And beginning on Tuesday, July 23rd, fans can take a luxurious romp through the Grand Theft Auto Online Diamond Casino, where players will gamble, party and flaunt their most prized and priciest acquisitions.

Credit: Rockstar Games

Inside the casino, gamers can gamble chips in games of poker, slots, blackjack and roulette. There’s also a “Lucky Wheel” that can be spun to win chips, in-game cash, specialty clothing and even luxury cars.

Credit: Rockstar Games

Any player that logs into GTA once the casino opens will have access to the fun but a VIP level of access awaits for anyone ready to plunk down whatever it takes to become the owner of one of Diamond Casino’s penthouses. 

The lavish in-game real estate seems almost as if it was modeled after the world’s most exclusive real-life resorts, complete with Infinity pools and stunning views of Los Santos’ landscape. 

Owning a penthouse will also grant access to a media room and private arcade, a private limousine service and the casino’s own helicopter charter and high roller tables.

Credit: Rockstar Games

Luxe perks aside, the Diamond Casino update carries a slew of new missions that’ll enlist stakeholders in the casino to help protect it from a corrupt group of Texan’s set on undermining casino operations. 

Credit: Rockstar Games

These new missions will have big bonuses the first time you complete them and finishing the new storyline will score you a brand new vehicle, which Rockstar is keeping as a surprise for now.

With that casino life being just days away, anyone planning to live large should be grinding to stockpile cash immediately. 

Rockstar is also giving a quick (and large) injection of $1.25 million for anyone who connects their Twitch Prime account to their Rockstar Social Club membership. When so much cool GTA stuff is on the horizon, there’s certainly nothing wrong with taking a shortcut.