Maxim’s Best Bits [2/17–2/21]

It’s Friday, which means we’re pretending to work until someone unlocks these chains to our desks. Here are some of our top posts from the week of February 17.

Photographed for Maxim by Sasha Eisenman | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2014

Girls On Rocky Ground

These ladies had better watch their step!

Porn Star Heidi Van Horny To Sleep With 23 Men for Her 23rd Birthday

Which is a lot more memorable than anything we did for ours. Or did, ever.

6 Reasons Why Being Rich is Stupid

Unless you want to give us some money. Then it’s great.

Trailer Breakdown: Guardians Of The Galaxy

It’s that movie full of superheroes you’ve never heard of! Let’s see what we can figure out from the brand-new trailer.

The “Rich Dicks” Join a Special Club in this Exclusive Clip from Kroll Show

Warning: This is not for the squeamish.

7 People Who Use a Treadmill Better Than You

Sick of trying to get in shape? These guys figured out how to get the most out of their treadmills.

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