Meet Rising Model Brianna Bardhi

The Elle Ukraine cover star stuns on Miami beaches and a classic Ford Mustang.

(Antoine Verglas)

Brianna Bardhi makes breaking into the fashion industry look easy. Shortly after gaining representation from Genetics Model Management, the New York City-based beauty scored a moody digital cover for Elle Ukraine’s Autumn Trends 2023 issue.

And thanks to famed photographer Antoine Verglas, we can all get better acquainted with this rising model via eye-catching selects from shoots spanning a Miami beach to the hood of a classic Ford Mustang.

“I’m so lucky and grateful,” Bardhi says of working with Verglas. “The magic he brings out in you behind the camera, you can see it when you look at his photos. He’s an icon and a legend.”

(Antoine Verglas)

Get to know Bardhi with this quick Q&A:

 What’s on your favorite music playlist?

Right now I’m listening to “Erotic” by Madonna, “Soldier of Love” by Sade, Enigma, Bicep, 50 Cent, Jay-Z, The Weeknd, Moloko, Damian Lazarus, Nirvana and Dua Lipa, of course—I’m half-Albanian.

 What TV shows and movies have you been watching lately?

The Sopranos and Casino. I don’t watch much TV. When I have free time and I’m not busy, I like to be social and get out.

(Antoine Verglas)

Do you have a favorite athlete or sports team?

Not particularly. It’s generally always fun to watch a man get sweaty. 

What are your favorite fashion brands?

I love anything French or Italian. Gold and diamonds are timeless and sexy. If I’m swimming in the ocean, I don’t wear anything. Less is more!  

(Antoine Verglas)

What’s your absolute favorite meal?

I love croissants and cheese, maybe alongside some rosé.

Favorite travel destination?

St Barths.

Guiltiest pleasure?

Taking a bath and/or dancing naked in the mirror.

(Antoine Verglas)

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