Ommegang’s Iron Throne Blonde Ale

Debauchery is coming…

Hey guys!

Guess what?


The moment you’ve been waiting for is almost here. No, we’re not talking about Easter egg hunting or rolling, or whatever.


After months of billboards, trailers, teasers, parodies, and products, the greatest show about dragons, murder, and boobs is here to show its magnificent face again.


Yessss! There ain’t no party like a Game of Thrones party, amirite?


So to help get things started, Ommegang Brewery released their Iron Throne Blonde Ale. We told you a little about it in December, but now we’re going to insist that you get some for your GoT viewing party on Sunday night. 

It’s thick and malty with delicious hints of lemon. It tastes like waiting in line for barbecue… or breastfeeding dragons. You know, same thing. Make sure you pour it well because this stuff gets frothy, y’all! 

After you’ve had a glass, have another… the bottle is pretty big. 

Or share instead, and do this.


Fuck Joffrey. 

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