Own An Xbox 360? Then You’re Great in Bed!

Or at least better than people with Wii, apparently.

Or at least better than people with Wii, apparently.

A “study” by Vouchers Code Pro, which appears to be a site that provides coupons for the English equivalents of Blockbuster and Ruby Tuesday, concluded that Xbox players were the highest rated boning partners of all console owners. The website quizzed 1,747 significant others of game players. After establishing which console their partners used, the test-takers were asked “Just how sweet is your sex-pal at doin’ you dirty betwixt the sheets?” (probably not actual phrasing.) Just 11% described their partner’s sexual skills as “Excellent”, so take the rest of the conclusions with an original Xbox-sized grain of salt…

So, 54% of XBOX users were rated as “Good” or above. Own a Wii? You’re doing okay at 47% ranked as “Good” or above. Primarily gaming on PC? That’s a shame. Only 8% of desktop gamers were considered “Good”, while a paltry 3% were rated as “Excellent.” Meaning if you play Starcraft 2 a lot, and 1,000 women decided to have sex with you (probably because you’re killer with a zergling rush), you could only hope to please 80 of them, which actually isn’t that bad…provided 1,000 women decided to have sex with you.

Of course, Virtual Boy gamers were ranked as 110% “Sexual Tyrannosaurs.” IT’S TRUE. 

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