A Pizza-Shaped Chicken Parm? Uh, Yes Please!

Take two of the greatest guy foods ever, put ’em together, and what do you get? Pizza-parm perfection.

You love pizza. You love chicken parmigiana. So what would you say if we told you that a new restaurant in New York City, Quality Italian, was serving up a chicken parm dish that’s shaped just like a pizza? That’s what we thought. Poised to displace the cronut as the city’s hottest dish (food writers can’t get enough of it), the 13-inch-diameter beauty is made with a blend of dark and white meat, which makes it almost unnaturally juicy and flavorful. Executive Chef Scott Tacinelli then combines tangy sauce, breadcrumb crust, and super-fresh mozzarella to create a gut-busting experience like no other. (We’re still dreaming of it almost a full day later.) While the dish is not cheap—it costs $52, which is about enough for two hungry people—the taste, combined with the joy of watching your waiter slice up a circular piece of poultry like a pizza, is totally worth it. Mangia!

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