This Video of Snoop Dogg Narrating a Snake Attack From ‘Planet Earth’ Will Make Your Dizz-ay

“Snakes are straight assholes.”

Noted zoologist Snoop Dogg returned to Jimmy Kimmel Live for a special all-reptile installment of “Plizzanet Earth.”

This episode, Snoop demonstrated his wildlife biology knowhow by narrating a multi-pronged snake attack on an unsuspecting lizard.

“They plottin’ right now. See how they got their necks up? That means they comin’ to get it,” Snoop explains of common snake predation methods.

“If he had GEICO, he’d have a 15 percent chance of gettin’ up outta there,” he notes of the lizard.

Above, watch as the lizard high-tails his ass out of there and as Snoop keeps it real in his no-nonsense yet scientifically detailed narration.

It’s just as funny as that time one clever redditor synced up the same video with audio of Marshawn Lynch talking about his famous “Beast Quake” run.

Catch previous installments from Snoop, below.

h/t Digg