SPOILER ALERT: Is This How “Breaking Bad” Will End?

Fed up with all the questions, Dean Norris, who plays Hank Schrader, spills the meth on the show’s final episode.

Not since a certain pudgy mobster chowed down on onion rings while listening to Journey has the ending of a TV show been so hotly anticipated. Yes, in a few short weeks, the story of Walter, Jesse, and the rest of the Breaking Badcrew will cook up their final batch of blue meth. But what will happen when the lab is finally cleaned up? Well, it seems like Dean Norris, who plays tough-as-nails DEA agent (and Walter’s brother-in-law) Hank Schrader, has got a pretty good idea. Check out this video in which Dean acts out his interpretation of the show’s final episode. And don’t forget your talking skateboard…


Dean Norris Spoils Breaking Bad


Dean Norris


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