This ‘Succession’ Auction Is Selling Off Hundreds Of Roy Family Outfits & Props

Cop Kendall Roy’s Loro Piana suits and other luxe goods from the HBO hit.

(Heritage Auctions)

On the surface, there’s much to covet from the wealthy on-screen confines of the Roy family in Succession, be it Roman Roy’s luxury penthouse or the stylish “quiet luxury” of the family’s wardrobe. Now, there’s a chance to enter that world, if only briefly, through a jam-packed online auction of Succession props, menswear and more via Heritage Auctions.

(Heritage Auctions)

There’s a little bit of everything from the famed series on the auction block, from a “ludicrously capacious” Burberry bag to Roman Roy’s funeral speech (handwritten, no less).

(Heritage Auctions)

Suits from each of the Roy brothers are also up for auction, as are home goods and personal decor items from the Roy family.

succession season 3 trailer screengrab

There’s also a selection of custom-made Loro Piana suits crafted for Kendall Roy, another fitting nod to the world of the wealthy and the tastes of the Roy family.

A photo of patriarch Logan Roy with Ronald Reagan even graces the auction, which even now sees prices climbing well above $1,000 for some items.

(Heritage Auctions)

Roman Roy’s green coffee mug is also yours for the taking, and Tom Ford dress shoes worn by Kendall Roy are up for bidding, too.

(Heritage Auctions)

If you’re having a hard time deciding which piece of the Roy family legacy. to make your own, there’s good news.

The auction runs through January 13th, and while not everyone can have the net worth of its characters, it’s never been easier to own a piece of TV history.