The World’s 7 Stupidest Pizza Innovations

“Hold the cheeseburgers, please.”

Remember the days when an ‘everything’ pizza slice meant not much more than pepperoni and some burnt bell peppers? Well, times have changed. Take a look at weirdest, most ridiculous (and possibly delicious? Maybe?) pizza offerings worldwide.

Cone Crust Pizza (Pizza Hut Middle East)

In an attempt to top their previous pizza-trocity, (see below), the folks at Pizza Hut Middle East just unveiled their newest attention-grabbing stomach churner. Each Parmesan-dusted cone is stuffed with Philadelphia cream cheese, honey mustard chicken, or a combination of the two. Wait- you can put cream cheese on honey mustard chicken? Mind. Blown.

Crown Crust Cheeseburger Pizza (Pizza Hut Middle East)

If you thought you’d never live to see the advent of ‘cheeseburger pizzas,’ you were sadly mistaken: The Crown Crust Cheeseburger Pizza made its debut in Pizza Hut’s Middle Eastern chain last April. A pie chock-full of greasy burgers topped with florescent yellow cheese, shoved between the crust of a pizza already containing beef bites and drizzled with special sauce, sounds like a drunk man’s dream – but it’ll be a sober man’s asshole’s worst nightmare.

‘Luxury Pizza’ (Nino’s Bellissima in New York)

If you ever feel the urge to blow a paycheck on a pizza, give Nino’s Bellissima 24 hours notice and they’ll cook up one of their luxury pies for you. The 12-inch, $1000 thin-crust pie is crowned with lobster tail, trout roe, wasabi, chives, crème fraiche, and four different kinds of caviar. Honestly, if you order this, we hope you choke on it.

Mega Pizza (Pizza Hut Japan)

To be frank, we were shocked to learn that this monstrosity wasn’t dreamt up right here in the USA. Japan puts our innovation skills to shame again with their Mega Pizza: The crust is made of mini hot dogs wrapped in bacon and slathered in molten cheese, while the center of this beast is topped with mini hamburgers, cheese rolls, sausage, ham, bacon, mushrooms, onions, peppers, and garlic. You then have the option of drenching it in ketchup or maple syrup. Choose wisely – those may be your last words.

Sweety Pizza (Mr. Pizza in South Korea)

Upon reading this, we weren’t sure if they were trying to call this pizza  ‘sweaty’ or sweet’, but the ingredients seem to indicate the latter.  The pie is made of sweet potatoes, fruits, and almonds – not one of which has any business being on a pizza in the first place, let alone in this topping wrongness melange.

Fish and Chips Pizza (Pizza Hut Indonesia)

Indonesia, why are you literally putting a British meal on an Italian-American fast food pizza? Just a question.

Pepper Kangaroo Pizza (Australian Heritage Hotel in Sydney)

You’d think ordering kangaroo pizza Down Under would be some kind of joke – it’s not. In addition to the meat, the pizza is topped with native peppers, roasted capsicums and berries. And if you find the thought of eating kangaroo depressing, the same restaurant also serves a Salt Water Crocodile Pizza…

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