You Can Now Buy A Toy Of Walter White From “Breaking Bad”

We never knew how much we wanted one until we saw it.

There are some things so awesome, our love for them can only be adequately expressed in the form of molded plastic action figures. Wolverine crossed with a potato, for example. Or RZA from the Wu-Tang Clan dressed as a ninja. The most recent addition to said list is this – a lovingly recreated Season 4-era Walter White from Breaking Bad, complete with 55-gallon chemical drum, lab bottles, and, of course, a fly swatter. An exclusive summer offering from Mezco, the figures are $35 each, and, in all likelihood, well on the way to selling out by the time you finish this sentence, since they’re a limited edition run of only 1,500. Still, if you are one of the lucky ones, you’ll get your Heisenberg figure complete with a Los Pollos Hermanos slipcover that’s so awesome, we can taste the chicken just from looking at it. And the meth, obviously…although that could just be the atmosphere in our office.

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