Black-Owned Distilleries to Buy From Right Now

Savor these American-made whiskies, gins, tequilas, vodkas and gins.

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Looking for a new whisky or tequila to add to your bar cart, while also supporting African-American businesses? While you might be quick to head to the Scottish or Mexican aisle at your local liquor store to stock up on summer sips, dismissing American-made bottles would be doing yourself a major disservice, and these premium labels are proof of that. This selection highlights some of the best Black-owned distilleries across the country making bottles you’ll definitely want to savor. From traditional Tennessee whiskey to gin and vodka made in the middle of Miami, these American spirits are churning out some of the tastiest pours in the nation.

Uncle Nearest – Shelbyville, Tennessee

Named for Nathan “Nearest” Green, a formerly enslaved man who taught Jack Daniel the art of distilling bourbon, Uncle Nearest is inspired by the first recorded Black master distiller in the United States. Considered to be the “Godfather of Tennessee Whiskey,” Green is known as the whiskey maker who perfected the Lincoln County Process for which Tennessee Whiskeys are known—a filtering system that uses sugar maple charcoal that West Africans originally used to purify food and water. Today, Uncle Nearest is the fastest-growing independent American whiskey brand—and for good reason. The premium whiskey is spicy and well-structured, with a slightly sweet finish. $49.99-$119

Toast Distillers – Miami, Florida

Entrepreneur, and restaurateur Dieuveny “DJ” Louis created this ultra-premium spirit with the hopes of changing the way that vodka is perceived across the country—a cocktail mixer. Carefully crafted in the heart of Miami using coconut water, and corn this silky smooth, gluten-free vodka is meant to be enjoyed neat or on ice. $71.99

Brough Brothers – Louisville, Kentucky

Tucked into the West End neighborhood of Louisville, Kentucky, Brough Brothers is owned and operated by brothers Bryson, Christian, and Victor Yarbrough, who grew up in the region. The small-batch bourbon is packed with cooked fruit and toasty oak notes making it great for savoring neat or served up on the rocks. $26.99

Rams & Parrots – Baltimore, Maryland

Located in Baltimore, Maryland, this craft distillery has become a well-loved staple across the country since the very first day they opened their doors. After their first batch of whiskey sold out in one evening, the young company, which is helmed by three childhood friends, has made a name for themselves thanks to their signature recipe inspired by the “Holy Water” Rod’s family sipped straight from the jar in the backwoods of North Carolina. $37.99

Anteel Tequila – Detroit, Michigan

Co-founded by pancreatic and breast cancer survivor Nayana Ferguson, Anteel Tequila was born out of a need for cleaner, less harmful spirit selection. The Michigan-based resposado tequila is rested for eight months in whiskey barrels, which draws out soft tones of caramel, vanilla, and a hint of pepper, making it a healthy and equally sophisticated alternative to bourbon or whiskey. $37.99

Ten to One Rum – New York, New York

Formerly the youngest VP at Starbucks, Trinidad-born Marc Farrell wanted to create a “contemporary and elevated blend” of rum using blends sourced straight from the Caribbean islands—and he achieved just that. Ten to One includes both white and dark rum blends, each of which are easy sipping alternatives to whisky while reflecting the different cultures and communities that Farrell and his team champion. $34.99

Du Nord Craft Spirits – Minneapolis, Minnesota

Founders Chris and Shanelle Montana wanted to start a family business that reflects their respective experiences of growing up on a farm in the country and in the city and Du Nord Craft Spirits does just that. Dating back to 2013, this scrappy Minnesota-based distillery is at the intersection of rural practicality and sophistication by way of their award-winning vodka, gin, coffee liqueur, and craft whiskey blends. $24.99