Avion Tequila Unveils Top-Shelf Reserva Cristalino

This top-shelf Cristalino tequila sips as smooth as it looks.

(Tequila Avion)

Tequila Avion is expanding its top-shelf Reserva range with a crystalline foray into the bourgeoning Cristalino tequila space that sips as smooth as it looks.

Joining the flagship Avion Reserva 44, Reserva Cristalino begins as a blend predominated by a 12-month-old anejo and complemented by a 3-year-old extra anejo, both of which were distilled from hand-selected agave grown at high elevations.

(Tequila Avion)

A clarifying double-charcoal filtration process then removed the amber hues, turning up the dial on fruity and floral notes while maintaining a barrel-aged aroma and character.

“It has been exciting working with the Avion team for over a year, creating the Cristalino I longed to see in the market,” said Virginia Miller, a seasoned spirits critic who also served as Reserva Cristalino’s “liquid design partner.”

(Tequila Avion)

“Taking inspiration from across spirits categories and working outside the box with a range of flavor profiles and blends, I am proud of what we created together: a Cristalino with age and complexity, balance and nuance, but one that is a tequila first – showcasing our beloved agave.”

Expect notes of oak, vanilla, spices and nuttiness that shine most when the ultra-smooth, glass-like agave nectar is sipped neat from a tumbler.

(Tequila Avion)

When Maxim contributor Kate Dingwall talked to sommelier Richard Betts—founder of Sombra Mezcal, Astral Tequila and Komos—he advised that “all Cristalinos are not created equally.”

“First of all, how the tequila is made matters a ton. Was it made traditionally or was it made using a cheap diffuser? Second, all Cristalinos have to carry the age of the tequila too. There will be great differences between a reposado Cristalino and an añejo Cristalino so it’s important to know what you’re paying for.”

(Tequila Avion)

With Betts’ words in mind, Avion Reserva Cristalino absolutely commands a spot on this list of top Cristalino tequila bottles. Look for it at retailers or online for an SRP of $145.