Bushmills Debuts Its Oldest Irish Whiskey Yet–A 33-Year-Old Single Malt

This rare Irish whiskey is part of the Bushmills 2022 Causeway Collection and is finished in port wine casks.


Rarity and exclusivity seem to be the name of the game in the spirits world these days, and if you’re able to track down a release that’s been years in the making, that’s all the better. It’s the idea behind the oldest Bushmills whiskey ever released, a 33-year-old single malt that carries forward the notion that the best things take time in the world of spirits.

The release is part of the Bushmills 2022 Causeway Collection, an offering that first debuted in 2020 and includes non-chill filtered and cask strength whiskey across a variety of age ranges — the 10 new releases in this year’s collection run the gamut from 9 years old up to, of course, 33 years old.


Past releases in the collection have included 1995 and 2008 cask offerings, but this year’s star release — again, the first whiskey released by Bushmills that’s more than 30 years old — is something special entirely in its own right.

Port wine casks were used in the finishing process, and other offerings in the 2022 Causeway Collection made use of rum, tequila or vermouth casks — to say there’s enough complexity for the most seasoned whiskey drinker is an understatement.


Bushmills has certainly kept busy, debuting as the official whiskey of Peaky Blinders earlier this spring with a Prohibition-era recipe that showcases the famed distiller’s longevity.

Previously, Bushmills also debuted a stunning 29-year-old single malt aged in sherry casks, but the 33-year-old release steps things up substantially.


For now, the covetable and impressive Causeway Collection is only available overseas — yet the offerings start at an agreeable price point of $92. To amplify your whiskey collection with rarity in mind, go with Bushmills — if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on a bottle.