Heineken Built a Roving Robot Cooler Designed to Deliver Beer Outdoors

This robot cooler will “grab a Heiny” for you and your guests.

Forget self-driving cars and Boston Dynamics’ freakily impressive robot dogs, because Heineken has developed one of the coolest applications of autonomous vehicles in its Beer Outdoor Transporter (B.O.T.)—just in time to crack a few cold ones on the Fourth. 


The Dutch brewery fitted a hard-sided cooler with LiDAR sensors and AI to follow behind its parched master with up to 12 beers at all times. As Hi Consumption notes, the B.O.T.’s six wheeled platform promise to traverse grass, gravel, dirt or other light off-road terrain. 

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Details about about speed and battery life weren’t available, but the above video does provide a glimpse into what Heineken calls a “charming AI personality” that inquires into your level of thirst, as well as built-in aversion to open water. 


For now, the only way to score a limited-edition B.O.T. is by registering in a sweepstakes on July 1 only. You can sign up to receive a reminder to do so on that date here or visit the B.O.T.’s landing page


And if you’re more of the sedentary type who plans to stay planted in a lawn chair this Independence Day, the Cooler Cannon will toss you a brew from up to eight feet away.