Jack Daniel’s Revs Up Limited-Edition Whiskey Collab With McLaren Racing

Available in select Formula 1 race markets around the globe.

McLaren x Jack Daniel's
(Jack Daniel's)

Be it high-end Bluetooth headphones or much-hyped sneakers, McLaren has a nose for tasteful collaborations — quite literally, at least when it comes to the new McLaren x Jack Daniel’s Tennesse Whiskey.

Available in select Formula 1 global markets, the whiskey builds off the 2022 partnership between the famed distiller and the high-performance automaker, and arrives right as Formula One racing mania is hitting a fever pitch in the United States.

(Jack Daniel’s)

A custom label and packaging updates the classic Jack Daniel’s design in speedy fashion, while the whiskey contained therein is the distiller’s Tennessee Whiskey grain bill, featuring a blend of 80 percent corn, 12 percent malted barley and 8 percent rye.

(Jack Daniel’s)

The partnership builds off a sense of unity between the distiller and the auto maker, and both of the company’s pioneering founders.

“McLaren and Jack Daniel’s are two of the most iconic brands known around the world, and
we’re excited to celebrate our partnership with a special bottle that nods to our shared spirit of
independence, authenticity and boldness,” said Sophia Angelis, Jack Daniel’s SVP, Global
Managing Director.

(Jack Daniel’s)

The whiskey also nods to six decades of McLaren Racing, and the bottle and packaging are “another fantastic way to share these celebrations with our fans, remembering both
Bruce and Jack,” said Louise McEwen, the executive director, of Mc Laren Racing’s Brand & Marketing division.

This whiskey very well might be hard to come by for Formula 1 fans and whiskey enthusiasts in equal measure, hitting U.S. Formula 1 race markets (and Formula 1 global cities) in May.

If you can’t make it out to a Formula 1 race in the months ahead, this limited-edition whiskey might be your best bet in the meantime.