Stranahan’s Latest Whiskey Is Blended With Cold Brew Coffee

Coffee-infused whiskey for the win.

Whiskey enthusiasts are no stranger to the need for a morning pick-me-up via a jolt of caffeine, right? But what innovative Colorado distiller Stranahan’s supposes is that coffee and whiskey can in fact go together, literally in a sense.

Stranahan’s has finished whiskey in tequila barrels and released a host of other intriguing whiskies through its Distiller’s Experimental Series, but the 10th edition might be its most intriguing yet: Stranahan’s whiskey is cut with cold brew coffee from local roaster Cooper Door Coffee.


The distinctive offering (available only at the vaunted Colorado distillery for a limited time) starts in classic fashion with Stranahan’s American Single Malt, with a 6-year, 2-month age statement.

That whiskey is aged in Virgin Oak barrels given a Char 3 treatment (about 35 seconds of charring).

It’s then cut with coffee, specifically Cooper Door’s “Four Sisters” espresso blend (Cooper Door is Denver’s only 100 percent female-owned roaster).

(Stranahan’s Original/Courtesy of Stranahan’s)

The coffee gets its character thanks to beans from three growing regions, each with its own characteristics: Brazil, Guatemala and Colombia.

(Stranahan’s flagship lineup/Courtesy of Stranahan’s)

And the fact that the whiskey is cut down to 94 proof with coffee, rather than the distillery’s typical Eldorado Spring Water, should give it a rich, roasted character.

Sweet and nutty notes will come through on the nose, the distillery says, with unique pink peppercorn and chocolate ganache flavor on the palate.

The sweet marzipan finish should prove delectable enough for repeat drams, assuredly.

Good things are worth the wait, or in the case of Stranahan’s, great whiskey doesn’t seem to stick around for very long. As you can only get this release at the distillery itself, it’s worth making a pilgrimage if ever you find yourself out West.