This Single-Malt Scotch From The Macallan & Bentley Comes In A Stunning Bottle

The $50,000 Scotch is designed with wealthy Bentley drivers in mind.

(The Macallan)

An unconventional approach tends to win the day in the world of Scotch, but that often doesn’t arrive through a partnership between a legendary automaker and a famed distillery.

Until now, that is: First announced in 2022, The Macallan and Bentley just debuted an ultra-rare, incredibly luxe Scotch delivered in an ultra-innovative bottle.

(The Macallan)

The Macallan Horizon defies convention every step of the way with a design that quite literally looks to the horizon, emulating the bold lines of Bentley vehicles while encasing luxurious The Macallan Scotch.

Fittingly enough, the bottle was first displayed exclusively at Monterey Car Week last August, accompanied by a lavish VIP dinner attended by Maxim and complete with all the trappings of some of the finest Scotch on the planet.

(The Macallan)

The journey to merge two highly distinct fields served as a chance to showcase surprising synergies, The Macallan Creative Director Jaume Ferras told Maxim.

“Despite our very different industries, The Macallan and Bentley Motors partnership is founded on the similarities of our rich histories and shared principles of creativity, craftsmanship, and innovation,” Ferras said. “Through these shared values, we’re able to learn from each other and offer expertise from our respective industries.”

(The Macallan)

Precision and Bentley’s impressive design heritage guided the incredibly distinct look of the Horizon offering, while the frame hails from recycled copper from The Macallan stills.

An aluminum ribbon envelopes the glass vessel (which holds a tasteful 46.6 percent ABV Scotch), nodding to Bentley’s design precision, while its closure nods to Bentley’s “Drive Dynamics Control” rotary knob.

Suffice to say, the impressive highlights continue apace from there.

(The Macallan)

Both companies took cues from one another, including the use of oak inlays from the six Macallan casks used to age this fine whisky.

The wood, fittingly enough, was then finished with Bentley’s Crown Cut Walnut veneer. And for as impressive as the design happens to be, the Scotch also stands apart from the crowd.

(The Macallan)

The Macallan Master Whisky Maker Kirsteen Campbell journeyed to Bentley Motors in Crewe to explore the automaker’s craft, and the two were off to the races.

“I was instantly captivated by the intricacy and craftsmanship involved in the production of their exquisite motorcars as well as the intriguing mix of power and elegance in their design,” Campbell said. “As I began the whisky making journey, I had a specific flavor in mind that represented the meeting of these two worlds.”

Campbell selected six casks (in a nod to The Macallan’s Six Pillars), looking to land on a “unique flavor profile that brings together the leather and oak notes found in the interior of a Bentley with the signature, warming spice of The Macallan.”

(The Macallan)

As to the whisky itself, it leads with notes of dark treacle and toffee before giving way to citrus notes like pineapple. Of course, The Macallan’s oak spice finish is present in luxurious fashion.

The bottle’s unique design presented a distinct opportunity, as well as challenges in rethinking the way a bottle of Scotch traditionally rests.

“In the spirits world, everything is upright, such as our stills and our bottles,” Campbell said. “When we looked at the horizontal direction pursued by Bentley Motors as part of the automotive industry, it made us consider if and how we could adapt this format for whisky, which ultimately requires to be poured.”

(The Macallan)

Needless to say, The Macallan and Bentley landed on a newly iconic design that reimagines the way Scotch can be presented — and the results come with an exclusive price tag.

The Macallan x Bentley Horizon is now available for limited time for a suggested retail price of $50,000. It can be found (if you’re lucky) at The Macallan Estate Boutique and The Macallan’s global network of domestic and travel retail Boutiques.

There’s nothing quite like it on the planet, so The Macallan and Bentley have set the bar high for future partnerships — the Scotch and its ultra-rare bottle very much included.