Apple’s Vision Pro Spatial Computing Headset Launches On February 2

Apple’s first-ever Spatial Computing headset aims to transform consumer electronics.

Credit: Apple

When Apple first announced their upcoming Vision Pro mixed-reality headset at WWDC last June, it came with the ambiguous launch date of “early next year.” Today, Apple confirmed a launch date of February 2 as when the Vision Pro will officially debut in the U.S.

Credit: Apple

The high-tech headset is Apple’s first major step into what Apple CEO Tim Cook is calling Spatial Computing—a brave new frontier that breaks out of a screen and into the world around us. 

Credit: Apple

Many are hopeful that Apple’s Vision Pro will represent an evolution in consumer electronics, one that stops humanity from staring at their phones and starts interacting with the real world in entirely new ways.

From the small bit that Apple has shown so far, the Vision Pro launch very well could have an impact similar to what the iPhone did to the world when it was first introduced in 2007. 

Credit: Apple

With tons of content from high profile partners and a small army of app developers working on the project for months, there’s a good chance the Vision Pro hits the ground running, offering truly immersive experiences that simply aren’t possible in any other medium.

Starting at $3,500, pre-orders begin on January 19th. The base model Vision Pro will sport 256GB of storage, run on Apple Silicon’s M2 chip and has rumored battery life in the two hour range.

An external battery accessory will also be available to lengthen that timeframe, at an additional cost. The hype for this gadget is real, and we’ll know if the Vision Pro deserves it less than a month.