The Fat Geeky Guy’s Phone Accessory Roundup

It seems like everyone is making stupid accessories for your smartphone. Here’s a list of must-have products that have been Fat Geeky Guy-tested and approved.

Innergie PocketCell Duo

The Pitch: Charge anything. Anywhere. Ok…make that two anythings.

What It Really Is: An absolutely kickass portable battery that packs serious juice. You’ll see a lot of these out there in 2013, but the Innergie PocketCell Duo is the one to own. It boasts 6,800 mAh of device-charging love – enough for a few phone or tablet power-ups. It’s got two (yeah, two!) USB ports, so you can charge your phone and share with a friend, or be a complete pig about it and charge your iPad, too.

Who It’s For: Anyone with an iPhone who is away from a plug for longer than five minutes (or guys who want to up their “bulge factor” by 10x)

Gadget Bonus: While it looks like something that your girlfriend has in her nightstand, it does not vibrate. It’s small enough to carry around in your pocket, yet large enough to impress during deep hugs. You’ll be shocked (pun!) by how many charges you get out of this thing. So far, the most impressive portable charger I’ve seen.

What’s Missing: The thing that makes it vibrate.

Rating: 5.0/5.0 Stars

MSRP: $89.99

Freedom 2000 iPhone Power Case

The Pitch: One iPhone 5 charging case to rule them all.

What It Really Is: A charging case for your iPhone 5 that’s worth owning (finally)! I’m sick of charging cases that force me to take them on and off all the time (like my clothes in Vegas) and this one has that problem beat. It leaves the bottom exposed (so hot!) so you can still plug in your headphones and any other accessories into the Lightning port, without having to take the case off. Charge the iPhone using the built-in cable and talk on. 

Who It’s For: Clumsy people who talk a lot. People that like to go bottomless.

What’s Extra Cool: The folks at MyCharge really listened on this one. The case provides some nice drop protection and has a convenient power indicator on the back, but best of all is the full access to the Lightning port and the headphone jack. Plus, you can charge both the phone and the case at the same time, virtually doubling your talk time.

What’s Missing: A Maxim-branded case. C’mon guys, make a fat geek’s dream come true!

Rating: 4.5/5.0 Stars

MSRP: $89.99

HMDX Jam Plus Portable Speakers

The Pitch: Rock out anywhere. Wirelessly!   

What It Really Is: A LOT of sound in a little package. These colorful wireless speakers pack a decent punch for the size, and with a full charge, run for 3-4 hours. You can connect using Bluetooth, or with a standard headphone-type cable if you’re afraid of the NSA infiltrating your playlist via Bluetooth.

Who It’s For: People on the go…who want to rock.

What’s Extra Cool: Stereo! Connect TWO of these speakers to your phone via Bluetooth, and they rock out in stereo up to 30 feet away! Awesome for those last minute parties, rocking out ’80s-style on the subway, or your flash-mob dance routine at Starbucks. You can also hide them under your roommate’s bed, for a surprise 4AM blast of Miley Cyrus. Boom.

What’s Missing: 3D sound. Seriously. Someone needs to make that happen.  

Rating: 4.5/5.0 Stars

MSRP: $59.95

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