Garmin’s New Luxury Smartwatch Is Worth Wearing Everywhere

Part elegance, part action, all awesome.

Fenix Chronos in leather

Although we have a thing for watches in general, smartwatches are another story. They still tend to have limits on their use or are boring, geeky, gimmicky and just plain lame. But every once in a while, one catches our eye, as with Garmin’s new Fenix Chronos line.

You probably wouldn’t guess just how many features this versatile wrist candy packs into its rugged-yet-stylish package.

Glove-friendly music and action cam controls (Photo: Garmin)
Glove-friendly music and action cam controls (Photo: Garmin)

Beyond flashing the expected email, text and other notifications onto a scratch-resistant sapphire screen bright enough to read in direct sunlight, this watch hides an accurate heart rate monitor that works with or without a chest strap, providing advanced physiological information about your stress score, performance condition and muscle fatigue.

Even better, it’s programmed to track your stats in such diverse endeavors as swimming, golf, paddle and alpine sports. And not only can you always know where you stand—or ride or play or whatever—in terms of stats, but it can also be used to control your phone’s music or a Virb action cam.

Naturally, since it’s from Garmin, it helps with navigation, packing both GPS and GLONASS radios, along with sensors to measure altitude, barometric pressure and digital compass direction. So you’ll always find your way to—and from—wherever your adventures take you.

Fenix Chronos is available in three styles: Leather ($900), Brushed Stainless Steel ($1,000) and Titanium Hybrid ($1,500). Each is a fine and highly refined choice to adorn your active wrist.