Samsung’s Tiny Freestyle Projector Turns Any Wall Into a Big Screen TV

This portable projector can run off a light socket and doubles as a smart speaker.

Samsung’s “The Freestyle” portable projector can turn walls, ceilings or outdoor screens into a big screen TV at the touch of a button.

Weighing in at under two pounds and about the size of a coffee can, The Freestyle can project perfectly proportional, 30- to 100-inch images onto any surface from 2.6 to 8.8 feet away, respectively.


A swiveling cradle with 180 degrees of rotation means users can display content on what’s most comfortably within their field of view.

Its small size belies its tech, such as automatic keystone, focus and leveling features that make a high-def screen out of any wall, tent canvas or panel with minimal user input.


A dual passive radiator enables a booming, distortion-free bass, and 360-degree sound radiation enhances the audio experience. It also doubles as a smart speaker with mood lighting, syncing music to projected visual effects.

Like Samsung Smart TVs, The Freestyle boasts built-in streaming services like Netflix and HBO Max, as well as mirroring, casting, and voice assistant features compatible with both Android and iOS mobile devices.


Samsung also came up with a particularly clever power solution. In addition to running off external USB-connected batteries, an optional adaptor makes The Freestyle the first portable screen that can be plugged into a standard light socket.

Priced at $899.99, Samsung’s The Freestyle is available to preorder now before shipments begin February 2.