Technics Gets Loud With Lamborghini-Branded Turntable Collaboration

Road-ready precision meets audio innovation.


A lightning-fast Lamborghini and the open road might not be the first two things that come to mind when selecting the perfect record to play on a standout home vinyl system. But there’s more in common between the two fields than at first glance, as Technics proves with its new SL-1200M7B Lamborghini turntable.


It’s been some time since Technics celebrated 50 years of audio prowess with the anniversary of the  SL-1200M7L, and the new Lamborghini x Technics model plays off that generational experience.


The collaboration turntable pays homage to SL-1200MK7/SL-1210MK7 DJ models from its SL- 1200 turntable series, of which Technics notes “more than 3.5 million units have been sold to date.”


The collaboration was driven by the two companies’ shared focus on technological development and a synergy in the world of sound, among other areas of unique (although perhaps unexpected) overlap.

The defining feature of the partnership is the use of Lamborghini’s signature color schemes in various options throughout each sleek deck, complemented by a branded slipmat and exclusively designed stickers.

Those colors are surely recognizable to auto enthusiasts: The trio includes Lambo shades Arancio Apodis, Verde Shock and Giallo Athon.

For good measure, the turntable offering comes with its own vinyl record showcasing powerful Lamborghini engine sounds.


“Sound is another characteristic element of the two brands,” Technics said, calling out the “overwhelming elation provided by the engine sounds of Automobili Lamborghini and the rich audio experience presented by Technics’ audio solutions.”

Every detail of the turntable has been thoroughly considered, including its high rigidity cabinet and high damping insulator, all the better to cut out unwanted excess vibrations, while a robust tonearm was designed to most accurately read record groove signals.

Vinyl enthusiasts, devout collectors and Lamborghini fans will have some waiting to do for an audio upgrade: The new Technics x Lamborghini SL-1200M7B goes on sale in the United States this coming July.